Christmas Greetings from Dalkey Taxis

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Dalkey Taxis wish all of our drivers and customers a safe Christmas!

Dalkey Taxis wish all of our drivers and customers a happy Christmas and a successful new year ahead. Call 01285777 to make your Christmas hassle free!

These travel tips will help you get the best possible taxi service from Dalkey Taxis this festive season.

1. Give yourself plenty of time 
Our busiest times over the next few weeks will be 8AM – 9AM & 5PM – 8PM. So if you are booking around this time, please give yourself plenty of time as the traffic around town will be extremely busy! 

2. If you need to prebook – prebook early 
Prebook demand is huge – and availability is limited. If your preferred pick-up time is unavailable try selecting a time slot 5 or 10 minutes beforehand.

3. Please be patient 
It’s tough being a taxi driver in December as traffic is horrendous. Your wait time may be a bit longer than usual but your Dalkey Taxi driver will get to you as soon as they can.

So enjoy the Christmas party season and make sure to call Dalkey Taxis on 01 285 7777 to make it a hassle free season!